The Energy Question: How Will Human Ingenuity Handle a Warming Climate?

This Future Tense panel was organized by New America, Arizona State University and Slate Magazine. It held on January 15, 2015 at New America, Washington D.C

The Energy Question

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Humans are altering the Earth system at every scale, up to and including the global climate. Going forward, how will human ingenuity handle a warming world? We’re all familiar with the doomsday predictions of more droughts, fires, floods and economic disaster, but what are the possibilities for thriving in a changed climate? Our species is innovative and adaptive—rarely more so than when responding to stress and conflict. Join Future Tense to consider the question before us in these Anthropocene days: What opportunities does global climate change present for making our societies more equitable, prosperous and resilient in the long run?

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Alex Trembath
Senior Analyst, The Breakthrough Institute

Lisa Margonelli
Author, Oil On the Brain: Petroleum’s Long Strange Trip to Your Tank @LisaMargonelli


Kartikeya Singh
CIERP Doctoral Research Fellow, Tufts University


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